Our Vision  

" As a believer in Islamic values and principles, Orient Holding Company has committed itslef to participate in developing and advancing the Islamic financial and investment industry, and therefore to the benefit of its shareholdres and market participants "

Our Mission

" Orient aspires to lead in technical competence and know how in the Islamic financial industry with benefits accruing to the economic community at large "


Zakat Calculation

In Compliance with The accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Institutions. The Zakat calculation per share for the Hijri year ending first of Ramadan 1437 corresponding to June 6, 2016, is as follows:


Orient Holding Orient Education Services Orient International Health Services
 (KD) 0.00038  No Zakat  (KD) 0.00051

Example 1 :  Shareholder owns 100,000 shares and the Zakat for company A is 0.30 fils.The investor pays (100,000 x .0003 = 30 Kd)