Orient's Associated Companies



Orient Education Services (K.S.C. Closed) 


Has obtained the approval from the Council for Private Universities, Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education to establish and operate a branch of the Canadian post-secondary institution of The Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology in Kuwait.  A fully recongnized branch, Algonquin College - Kuwait (AC) is committed to excellence, and will be following internationally recongnized programs and utilize hands on labs and innovative applied learning, and it's students oriented approach will provide graduates with skills and knowledge to succeed in tomorrow's high technology competitive environment. Currently Orient Education Sevices has a capital of 3 million K.D




Orient International Health Services Company (K.S.C.C)



Established in 2007 and is mandated to invest in the medical, health and laboratories sector. In September 2007, OIHSC opened its first project - The Health Care Clinic in Kuwait that providing to famalies  integrated medical and diagnostic services. Currently Orient International Health Services Company has a capital of 1 million K.D.



Sinan Kuwait Real Estate Company



Is a Kuwaiti real estate company founded in 2013 that specializes in the development, construction and sale of homes resorts (Summer Home) for GCC citizens. Sinan is active in the development of residential projects in the Republic of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom (UK). Currently Sinan Real Estate Company has a capital of 1.5 Million K.D.



Al Nama'a Real Estate Company

Is omani Shareholding Company was founded by a group of shareholding companies well versed in real estate investment. The Omani real estate sector has been in high demand as a result of Oman's policy to attract foreign investment.  Al Nama's has taken differen types of real estate operations, land development, contruction and recreational projects.  Currently Al Nama'a has a capital of O.R. of 500,000.