Orient's Associated Companies



Orient Education Services (K.S.C. Closed) 


The company was founded in 2005 for the purposes of creating, establishing and adminstrating educational instiutions, as well as investing in the educational sector in Kuwait and abroad. The Algonquin College Canada, in Kuwait which has been approved by the Council of Private Universities of the Ministry of Higher Education is considered the main project of the company. The college has already started to welcome students after the completion of the main buildings such as classes, cafeterias and the faculty offices as well as the car parking and landscaping. Currently the college accommodates more than 200 students spread over the IT and Business faculties. The overall capacity of this phase of the college is around 1800 student. The current share capital of the company amounts to KD 10 Million.



Orient International Health Services Company (K.S.C.C)



Orient international Health Services Company has been founded in 2007 with a share capital of KD one million. The company aims to invest in the private health care sector in Kuwait and abroad to provide integrated health care services. Currently, the company runs a medical center in Bnaid Al Gar Area that consists of a number of clinics such as ENT, Plastic Surgery, Laser treatment, Mosaic Treatment, Dermatology, Eyelipo, Pediatric, Beauty as well as Audio & Speech Therapy. The center consists of a laboratory undertaking various types of tests.

Upon the success achieved by the ENT, Plastic Surgery and Beauty clinics, and with the aim of expanding the capacity of the clinic, the company is intending to expand its activities by launching and new medical center to complement the existing one in the fourth quarter of 2017.



Sinan Kuwait Real Estate Company



The company was founded in 2013 for the purpose of investing and developing real estate in Kuwait and abroad, specifically in Turkey, the United kingdom and Saudi Arabia. The company has already fully accomplished two projects in Turkey, i.e. Rabwa (Istanbul) and Bahiya (Sabanca), while a third project Sky (Istanbul) has been 50% accomplished. Further Nessma project in Saudi Arabia has been almost 50% completed. The company manages a student dorm in Turkey, i.e. Uni Garden project for a benefit for a third party. In addition the company is considering several projects in Turkey and the United kingdom. The current share capital of the comapny amounts to KD 1.5 Million.



Al Nama'a Real Estate Company

Is omani Shareholding Company was founded by a group of shareholding companies well versed in real estate investment. The Omani real estate sector has been in high demand as a result of Oman's policy to attract foreign investment.  Al Nama's has taken differen types of real estate operations, land development, contruction and recreational projects.  Currently Al Nama'a has a capital of O.R. of 500,000.